Welcome. Thank You for visiting Our Little Red House. We're a family of artists,,photographers and cooks.

We actively teach arts, crafts, and other skills to all interested, including special needs kids and their families. We use teaching as a means of bringing people together, sharing, and helping one another.

A few years ago, driving down a 23 mile cliffside dirt road, we found a tiny town in the middle of what was once known as Pleasant Valley. It was a sight, nestled up in the Mogollon Rim area, in one of the largest Ponderosa pine forests on Earth. This is when we came across our little red house.  

The house was built in the 1940s and used to be a small post office in town, among other things, like a restaurant and a home to many. However, when we found it, it needed a ton of work done, but eventually it got  done. 

    We spend time together as a family, making handicrafts, recipes and being with nature.  We come from a family of Italians, Swedes, and Germans. We would love to share with you many of our family traditions as well as our Arizona adventures.

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     Our Little Red House