DIY Gel Bags





I used to make these with my kids when they were younger to keep them busy when at restaurants or as a fun birthday party craft. It is so easy and the kids love decorating their individual bags. They are great for keeping kids busy and help with language development plus fine motor skills.


 You will need:

Hair gel-any color

Clear freezer bags- sandwich size

Assorted tiny plastic toys, beads, glitter, stickers, or shells.


Clear thick packing tape.



All of these items can be found at most dollar stores.




Turn your freezer bags inside out to decorate. Start sticking on stickers. If you want to make them more educational add foam alphabet stickers and numbers.




After you have added the stickers, start adding glitter, and any toys or beads you would like in your bag. Just make sure they are not sharp items.



 Now start scooping in your gel. Since this is a sea theme I used blue/green hair gel.



 Once your gel is in, you can close up your bag, doing it slowly, while helping to get air out. After you have closed your bag, get out your packing tape to tape over opening. I double taped it for extra protection. Cut off any left over tape on the sides.




Now your little bags are ready to play with. These are great for those times when kids need something to help them sit still and wait, or concentrate or learn about letters and numbers while having fun playing. I spy games are another way to use these bags.