Five Petal Flowers

 Little country flowers


    These little flowers are great for the beginner sewers. They are also perfect for all those little scraps of fabric or old clothes you may have laying around the house. There were many summer days when school was out, when I was a little girl, where I would go through a pile of discarded things, looking for material to make Barbie new outfits, or blankets for her bed, and little throw pillows for her sofa. The neighbor kids would come over and we would make all sorts of things with all our little scraps of material.



 Supplies needed

Sewing needle and Embrodiery thread

Tacky glue or Elmer’s glue

Magnet, safety pin, or pin

Straight pins

Acrylic Paints, markers, or watercolors for your ladybugs


    Five petal flowers


Step 1

  Take your precut circle and fold in half, then fold in half again, like a pizza shape. Pin in place




Step 2

Thread about 3-4 strands of embroidery thread into your needle. Make sure your thread is long, all your petals need to connect on the same thread You will be using the running stitch for your petals.


Step 3

  Start sewing your petals, with each petal facing the same direction. I start with the part of the petal that is facing down and closed (the folded side), then coming up through the corner I make my first stitch, sew all the way to the edge leaving a ¼ inch between each stitch. I do about three stitches for each petal. This will give your petals their shapes.



Step 4

  Continue doing this for all 5 petals, pulling together at the end to connect the edges of petals that are meeting.



Step 5

 After you have finished all 5 petals pull them together, then knot at the end. Sew a couple little stitches from the last petal to the first petal to hold in place.



 Step 6

  Glue a little button onto center of your flower. Cut a little circle from your felt piece and glue to back of flower.



 Step 7 ( optional )  You can add a magnet or pin to the back of your flower. Sew or glue your little flowers onto other items like hair bands, chocker, bracelets, hats or whatever you decide. You can also glue them to a long ribbon, add some little lights and hang from your ceiling in a room. Use your imagination; it’s endless…happy crafting. All my kits include a little something extra, so you can share your crafting memory with your children, family or a friend. The Ladybugs in this kit are that something extra for you and someone else to do together…happy crafting.