Step 1: Once you take them apart using wire  cutters you can soak them overnight in vinegar and dish soap. Once clean and dry inside and out, you can start spray painting any color on the soon-to-be ornaments. I used cream colored spray paint. 

Step 2: Make sure you add several coats of Spray paint between coats drying. Don't forget to turn bulbs  so all sides are covered. You can use a box tray or egg carton to hold bulbs in place while painting. Once they have dried, you can start decorating your bulbs. 

You can do several types of ornaments. I ended up doing 3 designs. If you don't want to spray paint 

you can add different colors of paint inside the bulbs and swirl them around.  

To make snowmen hats just take an old sweater and cut a rectangle then fold in half and either glue or sew side. Turn inside out and roll up at one end to the create bottom. You can sew or glue in place. Tie off top with ribbon then trim off extra material, you can add a mini pompom for more detail. 

To add hooks or ribbon to hang you can either glue ribbon inside bulbs (swirl ornaments) or hook pom poms and add to the inside of bulbs with a little glue. 

You can also leave a plastic bulb holder on to use as hooks. I did not use mine since I loved the color of the glass on tops of ornaments. 

Do you have Garden Lights that no longer work? You can clean them up and turn them into

pretty little ornaments for your tree. 

Garden Lights/Christmas Ornaments