Snow in the Desert. Pom Pom Snowmen

Living in the desert we rarely get snow, which means no snowmen. We just make yarn balls instead of snow balls. Grab up some white yarn and make your own winter wonderland. 

You will need: 


Assorted Lids sizes




Buttons, fabric scraps, beads, felt, and twigs

Step 1- Trace assorted lid sizes onto cardboard (cereal boxes are great for this). Use Mayo lids, milk jugs, lids, bowls, and cups. 

Step 2- Cut out your cardboard disk, make sure to cut a middle hole. Take two disks and put them together, now you can start wrapping yarn around disk. 

Step 3- Once you wrap enough yarn around your disk and it is completely covered you can start cutting. 

Step 4- Cut down the center until you have completed the whole circle.

Step 5- Tie off the center before you remove paper disk

Step 6- Now you can start trimming your pom pom into the shape you want.

Step 7- Glue different sizes together using tacky glue or a glue gun. You can decorate your snowmen using twigs for arms and a felt carrot nose, buttons, scraps of fabric for hats and scarves. It's fun to come up with different animals. Fair warning: if you have cats in your house...they love these little yarn balls.

Special Note -

                                        Sensory Play -

Use other materials like old grocery bags, twine, and long scarps of fabric and make different textures of balls. Just wrap around disks like yarn. Put them in a big plastic bucket and have fun. Great for teaching colors when used with ABA programs.