Fairy tales

        I have always loved Fairy tales growing up and have collected fairy tale books since my uncle Carl gave me a copy of Andersen's fairy tales  and Grimm's original Fairy tales.  I remember reading them once I got them at the age of ten wondering why the stories were so different then the ones I had heard before…Cinderella was pretty gross in the original version, but still a great story.

  One of my favorite Swedish Fairy tales is a tale about a woman so wicked, that even the devil himself was afraid of her and she was so good at manipulation that she could trick the devil himself. She was a master at spreading lies and could get others to believe what ever she said, just to separate people, to cause chaos while playing her games…a very wicked woman indeed. Not to worry though, it just a story, there are no Kita Graus out there in the world…or are there?


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     The evil one and Kitta Grau: a Swedish Fairy Tale