Supplies needed

Vinyl material. Walmart has large rolls in their store where you can buy it by the yard for about $2 or more a yard. I bought ¼ yard and it made a huge amount of flowers.

Assorted paints or permanent markers.


Needle/thread, I used embroidery thread)

Assorted buttons or gems

Tacky glue

Felt, any color

Step 1- Draw out flower shapes. You will need three different sizes to layer with.



Step 2- Paint or color with permanent markers, then cut out.



Step 3- Once dry start stacking them from small to large. I used the non- painted side when I was stacking them together. Take a small button or felt flower and sew all layers together once through the button.



Step 4 –Find a button or gem to glue to top. Add a little circle of felt to back of your flower and glue in place. You can add a magnet, pin, or thumb tacks to back of felt to use your flowers in different ways.




Special note:

        Use your vinyl to make your own colorforms. I remember playing with colorforms when I was a kid during road trips, rainy days or summer breaks. To make you own you will need:




 Construction paper

Assorted stickers


Glue stick





Cut out size of cardboard you will be using. Pick out colors of paper to decorate cardboard with. Kids can draw their own scenes or print out coloring pages for them to color to add to cardboard, like a space theme or zoo coloring page. Once you have decorated your cardboard you can cover the whole sheet with vinyl then staple onto cardboard. You can glue a piece of felt to the back to cover any sharp staples that might have come through.





Take your assortment of stickers and stick onto vinyl then cut around them. You will use these vinyl sticker pieces to add to your vinyl cardboard play scene. The vinyl will stick to the vinyl or any smooth hard surface like windows or any glass items. I also used wipe board markers to turn it into a counting game. You can create games, speech lessons, or practice writing skills with your wipe board pens. If your children have a special interest in certain characters, then make boards that have those characters in them. I have had Scooby doo, Sponge Bob, and Star wars re-enforcement boards that I have made this way. In place of candy, I used little stickers over and over to add to different scenes.






Vinyl Flowers